Java 2D Side-Scroller Wizard Shooter




Roughly 3 hours Total.


Java – Windows, Mac and Linux Compatible.



A small 2D Side-Viewed game made in Java. This was made for my Java exam back in high school.

The Goal of the game is to defend the left side from the invading forces of Red(Evil) Wizards by using different kinds of magical spells (Fireball, Frostbolt, Wall of Frost, Wall of Fire).

When a Wizard is hit by a Fireball it is set on Fire, taking a small damage over time effect. Whilst getting hit by Frost, slows the target down. You could also charge the Fireball up by pushing and holding the spacebar down, infusing the Fireball with extra power but meant you’d have to stand still and also it would use more Mana.

Sadly I did not have a lot of time to develop this game since it was just something I quickly made for the exam as mentioned earlier. Which meant that the code was quickly put together and doesn’t look all too pretty. But in the end it turned out pretty good and actually made me a little bit addicted when playing it.


Not too long ago (January – 2012) I made a little remake of this game by using the Framework of my currently in development The Old World game to recreate it. I spent about 30 min on the train remaking it and it turned out pretty nicely. It was merely a fun little thing I wanted to try out and since, I have not spent any more effort on it. But it shows you the time and effort difference between having a framework already in place and not having one.