C++ Senior Project




Roughly 200-500 hours Total. (Design + Development)




This was my Senior Project in High School. It uses SDL to accomplish texture loading and handle the Windows OpenGL window creation and handles key presses. It was suppose to become Sandbox 2D top-down RPG type game with an ever changing world where you could advance your character as well as interact with computer run villages and the likes.

This is a very early development image. The project started out as a 2 person team, me being the programmer and an artist, but due to unforeseen consequences the project ended up only hosting me as its sole team member.

Because I was left being the only team member which caused me to make a drastic design decision of changing the whole direction and graphics of the game roughly 2 or so months before the deadline.

I ended up having to rewrite the whole game from scratch, but because of this decision the game turned out quite a lot better as well as the engine being a lot cleaner and making it easier to implement new systems.

During the few final days I managed to have created most of the base for a game, but sadly it was missing a lot of content except for basic NPC AI, such as NPCs moving to cut down wood, gather it and store it in a box. The player was able to harvest wood from trees, harvest seeds from grass and planting Wheat.


To just name a few systems that I managed to create in a very limited amount of time: Map System, Doodad System, NPC System, Group System, Player System, Texture Manager, Animation Manager, and quite a few other systems.


Left: Why the FPS is so low in this screenshot was because nothing was optimized and it was basically drawing both most of the map and all 9000+ trees at the same time.


But because of all of this, as the deadline soon arrived, I was left with a pretty decent base for a good framework which I then ended up using for my currently in development game The Old World and I still use a lot of the systems that I created back then.